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The combination of ingredients in our products combined with our unique moisture locking system draws water to the surface of the skin and locks it there for 72 hours, creating very soft skin and a perfect fade every time. ORGANIC ANTI AGE


All of our products are bursting with certified organic extracts that are kind to skin, offering anti age benefits and conditioning. This enhances the natural-looking tan result as the skin is smooth, even and plump – the perfect base for tanning.


Due to our unique formulation, Vita Liberata tan solution dries on contact with skin so you can dress with confidence after just 5 minutes. ODOUR REMOVE™ Thanks to Odour Remove™ technology, in an independent survey of 200 participants, 99% said Vita Liberata had no smell on the skin. PERFECT FADE The non-toxic and organic nature of our products combined with our unique moisture locking system means all Vita Liberata tans dry instantly and fade perfectly. No snakeskin, patching or streaking; just a gentle fade to nothing, like a natural tan.


Removed all toxic ingredients from our products. While fairly innocuous in themselves, ingredients on the Toxic List can create carcinogenic substances such as formaldehyde when combined in a formula. Paraben preservatives have raised concerns due to their association with breast cancer tumours and perfume and alcohol are extremely drying to the skin so they are NOT added to products.

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