Your Trusted Aesthetic Clinic

Forever Young Aesthetics has been in business since 1999. Forever Young is founded on honesty, integrity, and passion to educate clients so they can make good decisions about the care of their skin, for their entire lives.

We are widely recognized for our impeccable customer service, as we go above and beyond for our clients! We genuinely care for you, your health, and your beauty.

We are pleased to bring non-surgically based cosmetic and aesthetic procedures that enhance your outward appearance and beauty with minimal downtime from work & social events. My staff and I complete our mission to provide scientific-based medical skincare that delays and prevents the aging process.

We invite you to come to Forever Young Aesthetics for all your skin care and permanent make-up needs! We treat every client based on their individual needs, we provide the best quality care, with the best technical skills available in the industry, and we follow strict OSHA standards and regulations.

This way, you can have peace of mind regardless of which procedure you choose.


We have been doing what we knew to be the right thing, all along.

We offer the highest quality of medical-grade products. We also list all of our ingredients proudly because it is important for you, the consumer, to understand why we select each and every ingredient.

Quality has always taken priority over price. Wouldn’t it be nice if all skin care companies took the same position? If we just offered up the same “coat and cover” ingredient philosophy and reworked it in a new way, then what’s the point?

There are “great” popular companies doing a terrific job of doing just this. The products may smell good, or feel good, but in all reality, they aren’t doing anything beneficial for your skin’s health, especially when it’s just coating the skin.

We are also aware that, as a consumer, people are skeptical, and you should be cautious about what you put on your skin.

Our Founder:

Theresa Baldwin 

  • Licensed Medical Aesthetician
  • Master Lash Artist/Trainer
  • Certified Permanent Make-Up and Correction Specialist

Theresa started her career in Medical Aesthetics in 1999. She has a passion for knowledge and stays current with all the latest technologies in medical skincare. As a self-professed “research nut” she continues to search for the best and “must-have” products and services.

Her passion is educating and it shows with every consultation. She loves to share this education with her clients. Every product and service has been tried, tested, and hand-chosen by Theresa herself. Her approach is one that encompasses all of the technical knowledge, with a relaxing and calming touch.

Because of her dedication and love for the skin care industry, she has gained the credibility and loyalty of her clients. Theresa’s team of Aestheticians are licensed, certified and trained by her, personally, so that we may provide our clients with the highest quality services and education.

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